Ok, here are the usual disclaimers...:

Jamie at Southfork Ranch near Dallas, TexasThe facts found on these pages are for information only. I am not saying that they are inaccurate, but since bankruptcy is a complicated area of the law, you absolutely must be represented by counsel who is familiar with your case. No two cases are exactly alike and you can really screw yourself up if you try this by yourself! You can lose money, property, or even be charged with a bankruptcy crime if you fool around with the federal court system! So do it right and get a lawyer. The legal fees for a chapter 7 are regulated by the courts, so you will not be charged a lot of money.

By the way, if you call me, I will not charge you, but I can't represent you unless you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. If I tell you something by phone and you do not retain me (because, e.g., you are out-of-state), this does not mean you have complied with the above warning. You still have to get local counsel.

Lastly, if you email me, I will try to respond to you. If you do not tell me your jurisdiction, you will almost never get a response. Since I am running a business, deference must be given to actual clients (if you were my client, would you want me spending time on email or working on your case?). This means that I may not have time to respond to you. If you are out of the jurisdiction in which I practice, I reserve the right to withhold response to the email, or simply refer you to a local attorney. Under no circumstances is this site, or my advice, if it is given, meant to give a second opinion to compare against your attorney. If you are represented, I will never give advise; please refer to the advice of your counsel. If you do not trust your attorney, then perhaps you should hire someone else. Finally, my office will generally not respond to cold calling for general legal advice, which can only be given after a proper factual review.

Oh yes, by the way, that is not my house! It's South Fork Ranch. It is Jamie, though!

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