At Stonehege with my mom
Jamie's Scrapbook of his boring life! Important events and worthless pics on Jamie's Scrapbook! Link will be here soon!
Hi! My name is James Ross Rubin. I live in Delaware, USA.
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11, going on 20 

What I like to do.... 

Not much, just sit around. 

The real Dallas Southfork

Sex appeal: 

What can I say? I'm smart, rugged, and chicks think I look 5 years younger than my age! 


I can appreciate the social, historical, geopolitical implications of Beanie Babies! 
New: Read The Bean Scene, a column written by me every week or so here.

Most significant threat to the planet: 

No question here! pinly

Stuff about my pathetic, boring  life. 

I LOVE beanies! I am a vegetarian. I have a dog, I love the computer, and go to Montessori School. I love to travel.

Favorite Games 

Relentless, Yuri's Revenge, Red Alert 2, and Renegade (I have previewed it and it is great!).

New Stuff about me 

I wrote and directed my first play, "A Day in the Life of Old St Nick". I am committed pure vegetarian.

Favorite movies 

Star Wars, South Park

My planet

My home planet

Me in the flesh, or is it.....???<-------- Here I am with Neon!

I love Beanies........... I have 2000 +!

Bye, bye...thanks for visiting my page! Come back soon!

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