Legal Ability Rating

Lawrence Rubin has been rated by Martindale-Hubble®, a well-respected compendium of the legal profession and a listing of all U.S. attorneys. Not all attorneys are "rated." Lawrence Rubin has been listed as:

Legal Ability Rating High to Very High (a "B" rating)
General Ethical Standards Rating Very High (a "V" rating)

About M-H's rating system: The rating is significant in that most attorneys do not receive ratings at all.  Ratings cannot be influenced by the rated attorney, nor are they a popularity contest.  Ratings are solicited by the M-H staff from members of the bar at large, who have not been suggested by the rated attorney.  Therefore, an attorney cannot steer M-H's rating staff to his friends or family.  M-H's attorney ratings are respected by the bar at large as a true indication of legal ability.  Our office is privileged to receive consideration by M-H's reputable staff.

Unfortunately in January, 2008, we learned that Martindale Hubble is selling out and charging to have their ratings displayed.  We object to this policy as we view it as "selling" ratings.  We have refused to pay tribute to M-H (see notice received by this office on the subject).  We know of no plans of M-H to advise the public that their ratings are only rating of lawyers that wanted to pay $50 a year for the privilege of having M-H refer to them as "worthy" or "exemplary."  As of the time you read this, our rating may not be displayable.  That is because we did not pay the "worthiness fee" to M-H.  This is what it said before it was pulled:

 Lawyer Profile: Lawrence S. Rubin

Lawrence S. Rubin

Media, Pennsylvania (Delaware Co.)

Experience & Credentials Peer Review Rating:  BV Rated.

ISLN 901953092