** & ** threat of March 29, 2004

"This is Mr. Ripple with the Law offices of ** & **. Ma'am we're in a bit of a situation here, in reference of a thousand dollar payment that was supposed to be coming out of your account today, per the recording we had you on stating the account number. And we contacted the bank; that account number does not exist with them ‘k (sic) you gave false information to an attorney's office on a recorded line; you're recorded doing this. If this matter is not going to be resolved voluntarily ma'am, this matter is going to be collected as evidence, and forwarded to your county or the judge to review, that we did try to work with you diligently to get this matter taken care of but it's not going to help your case giving false information to an attorney's office, Ma'am I'm trying to work with you the best as I can to get this matter resolved you owe about over Twenty thousand dollars Ma'am don't think that this matter is not going to be pursued. We're an attorney's office; we're a litigating law firm. We will pursue this matter we will stick you with our attorney's fees on this, with which you will be court mandated to pay back. I want you to contact this office back today before six pm explain your situation get the money out of your account Western Union it, whatever this money has to be in our office today not a day later. The number is 1-888-*00-*49 extension 254. Again, I will be in this office until 6 p.m. contact this firm back up immediately to give us an explanation in reference to this check. "

"Thank you."


"Well!" ...Jack Benny

"...at least they're polite, right? That's what's important!" ...Bill O'Reilly

"You hate me, you really hate me!"...Sally Feilds.

"I blame Clinton and 9/11 for this!" ...Rush Limbaugh