"Maria pick up the phone...Maria, what's going on here?

I have every single receipt. It's signed by you. You opened this account in your mom's name. She probably doesn't know what's going on. You go ahead and file bankruptcy. You leave her accountable for this mess. You need to come up to the phone.

We're going to process this as a fraud matter. Be prepared...be aware that I have all the proof that I need right here. You had intentions to do this. ...you were intentionally trying to do this...you knew what you were doing, your mom does not speak any English. You went ahead and obtained this account, maxed it out and now you're going the easy way out leaving your mom with a mess. You tell me she only makes $300 a month and she doesn't speak English. What kind of an excuse ...what do you think we are? We know what you did, we're gonna process this as such. Call the number, you know what to do, do what's right. You don't come to this country and you do this country and you do this type of things (sic).

This is America."

Really? This is America? With collectors like this around, I wouldn't have noticed.