NCOP is also goes by NCO - NCO PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, INC. NCOP Financing, Inc. NCOP Services, Inc. NCOP Holdings, LLC, NCOP Nevada Holdings, Ic. Creditrust SPV2, LLC, Creditrust SPV 99-2, LLC NOCP Capital Inc., Creditrust SPV98-2, LLC Creditrust Funding I, LLC, NOCOP I, Inc. NCOP II Inc., NCOP III, Inc., NCOP IV, Inc. NCOP V, Inc., NOCP VI, Inc., VII, Inc. NCOP VII, LLC, NCOP/CF, LLC NCOP Lakes, Inc., Creditrust SPV99-1 NCOP/Marlin, Inc. InoVision Capital, LLC Inovision-Medclr NCOP Ventures, LLC Inovision-Medclr-NCOP-NF, LLC Inovision-Medclr-NCOP-F, LLC NCOP-AN, LP, NCOP-BAR, LP, NCO Capital I, LLC CNOP Capital II, LLC, NCOP-CF-MED, LLC IMNV Holdings, LLC Inovision Medclr Portfolio Group, LLC NCOP-CVI-Marlin, LLC, Medclr, Inc. Inovision Inc. Integrated Capital, A NCOP Company, LLC Inovision, A NCOP Company, LLC NCOP Capital IIII, LLC NCOP-CF II, LLC. NCO is a major debt-buying player in the field with a particulary bad reputation, if you believe what people say about it on the various consumer credit sites. The author of this article is making absolutely no representations about this company (companies).